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Eric Redmon

Head Fabricator

Meet Eric Redmon. ROK Stands for Redmon Outlaw Karts. Eric joined the US Army when he was 20 in 2003. In the US Army, Eric attended US Avionics school for helicopter maintenance in Fort Eustis, Virginia. For three years, he was stationed in Germany before being deployed to Afghanistan in 2004 and returning to the States in 2006. His next post was in Riley, Kansas, before being deployed to Iraq in 2007 for two years.  In 2011 Eric separated from active duty but spent two years on active duty reserves. 

Eric spent the next two years in college for welding technology and started building outlaw karts in 2014 for RFC. In 2016 Eric moved to Oklahoma and continued to build for outlaw cart supply. He rebranded to our OK chassis in 2022 and began a partnership with Kirk, Berkley, and racing unlimited. Here, he continues to build the best outlaw karts on the market.

 “I have always had a passion for creating,  and I love watching what I have created DOMINATE  the racetrack.”

Eric Redmon
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