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best chassis for karting

Kart Racing

Open, Stock, Intermediate

In kart racing, different types of karts or classes are used in competition. 

The specific rules and regulations for open and stock classes may vary depending on the specific kart racing organization or series. It's important for racers to familiarize themselves with the rules and requirements of the class they are competing in to ensure they are in compliance and eligible for competition.

New Arrivals

open kart racing

Open Class Kart Racing

Our 1 1/8" x .083 Chromoly frames are perfect for those looking for a lightweight and nimble kart that can handle tight turns and fast acceleration. The combination of high-quality Chromoly tubing and expert engineering delivers a kart that is strong, durable, and provides an exceptional ride.

For those who crave more power and stability, our 1 1/4" x .083 Chromoly frames provide the ultimate racing experience. The larger diameter tubing provides added strength and stability, allowing for higher speeds and sharper turns. These karts are perfect for experienced racers who want to push their limits and dominate the track.

Both our 1 1/8" x .083 Chromoly and 1 1/4" x .083 Chromoly karts are designed to be customizable and adaptable, allowing racers to build their dream kart that suits their unique racing style. With endless options for customization, racers can build a kart that is tailored to their exact specifications and preferences.

box kart class

Box Stock | Intermediate Class Kart Racing

Our go-kart chassis is engineered to deliver unparalleled speed, performance, and durability. With a combination of lightweight .065 chromoly tubing and top-of-the-line 1 1/8" chromoly frames, our go-karts are built to withstand the toughest racing conditions and provide an unbeatable ride.

The .065 chromoly tubing not only adds strength to the frame but also reduces the overall weight, giving our go-karts a nimble and responsive feel on the track. Coupled with a powerful engine, our go-karts can reach incredible speeds in no time, providing an adrenaline-fueled racing experience that you won't forget.

Looking for the perfect kart for intermediate-level racing? Look no further than our karts with 1 1/8" x .065 chromoly and 1 1/4" x .065 chromoly frames.

box kart class

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